Photograph No. 311


Screech of Death, Rudyards, 22 Jan, 2017, by David Ensminger

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Concert Pub No. 1


Benefit for John Glenn of Doomsday Massacre with Romeo Dogs, Restless Breed, Sin Cindy, Screech of Death, Zero Heroes and DJ Larry Lopez at the Concert Pub in Houston, 2015

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Benefit for Christian Kidd of the Hates!


Benefit for Christian Kidd of the Hates with Gut Radio, Screech of Death, Mel Hell and the Texas Mod Crushers, and the Hates at Rudyards, 22 Jan. 2017

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Fitzgeralds No. 79


Shonen Knife and Giant Kitty at Fitzgeralds, 2014

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Maceba Theatre No. 1


Dream Syndicate, Guadalcanal Diary, and TSOL, at the Maceba Theatre

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The Shop No. 1


The Drafted, Screech of Death, DDA, and Stress 33 at the Shop

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Rudyards No. 59


Jody Hughes and London Girl at Rudyards, circa 1999/2000

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Rudyards No. 58


The Deige’, Luna Lunacy, Screech of Death, and Generation: Landslide at Rudyards, provided by Lisafer

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The Corkscrew No. 1


Rock the Rescue, a Benefit for the Corridor Rescue with Destroy the Bridge, Screech of Death, and more, the Corkscrew

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Photograph No. 310


Screech of Death (with guest Bill Degidio), Rudyards, Nov. 2016, by David Ensminger

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