Big Top No. 2, Alexis Kidd Benefit! Aug. 10th


Benefit for Alexis Kidd and Rocknroll Decontrol Book Release with No Love Less, Allison Gibson, Lizzie Boredom, The Fur Cats, Mel Hell, and Screech of Death, Big Top Lounge, 10 Aug. 2018

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Dan Electro’s No. 1


Boy Wonder, The Gary, Merkava, and $50.00 Goat at Dan Electro’s, July 2018

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Rudyards No. 60 : Hates on July 27 2018


The Hates, $50.00 Goat, and Crusties at Rudyards, 27 July 2018, by David Ensminger

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Photograph No. 341


Party Owls, Lawndale Art Annex, 1984, by John Ramos

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Mike’s Cave No. 2


The Hates at Mike’s Cave

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Pik n Pak No. 17


Culturcide at Pik-N-Pac

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Mary Janes No. 108


Sugar Shack and Jack O’Fire at Mary Janes, 1990s

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Cabaret Voltaire No. 89


Mydolls and V-Effect at Cabaret Voltaire

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Rockefeller’s No. 3


The Banks, Cinco Dudes, United Front, Special Forces, Circus Glass, Party Owls, the Reign, and D45 at Rockefellers! Provided by J.R. Delgado!

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Fitzgeralds No. 84


Party Owls, Fruit of the Loin, and 3 Day Stubble at Fitzgeralds, 1985, provided by JR Delgado

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