Kimonos CD


Kimonos “Sound It Out” CD, self-released, mid-2000s

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The Island No. 205


The Recipients at Rock Island, original mock-up/paste-up

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Photograph No. 284


Sylvain Sylvain of Batusis at Mangos Dec 2010 by David Ensminger

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Photograph No. 283


The Kimonos, Rudyards, 2010, by David Ensminger

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Photograph No. 282


Mel Hell (Zipperneck) Hot Dog Shop, 2009, by David Ensminger

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Photograph No. 281


This Moment in Black History, 2010, Mango’s, by David Ensminger

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Interview with Ben DeSoto!


Ben DeSoto, by David Ensminger

Be sure to check out my interview, chock-full of photos from the Axiom, Island, Power Tools, and more, with Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, who also discuss his focus on homelessness, the power of photography, and the quiet storms of reform taking place, including his new documentary! Click here.

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Agora Ballroom No. 5


Wild Bores, Skunks, and D-Day at Agora Ballroom

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Wired Up Records and Books No. 1


Fat Tony, Black Coffee, and Spit Mask at Wired Up Records and Books, 2016

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Walters No. 62


Slapshot, Forced Reality, Roots of Exile, Pix, Ironhead Division, Black Coffee, Chipped Teeth, and Dog Company, Dec 2015

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