Mary Janes No. 105


Liars, Get Hustle, and Young People at Mary Janes, by Hands Up Houston

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Rudyards No. 55


Flood Benefit for Bill Degideo with Poor Dumb Bastards, UYUS, The Velostacks, the Burns and Nothing of Merit, Rudyards, 12 Aug. 2016

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Sound Exchange No. 11


Sugar Shack and The Jewws at Sound Exchange

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Fitzgeralds No. 77


Nerve Agents and TSOL at Fitzgeralds, 2001

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Mink No. 6


No Talk, Secret Prostitutes, and Crime Wave at the Mink

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Biscuit Tribute in Houston!


To honor the 11th anniversary of the death of Biscuit of the Big Boys, site editor David Ensminger will be spinning funk, punk, and soul records at the Record Ranch at Cactus Music in Houston on Aug. 6th from 3-5 PM: he will also raffle off a free Biscuit Bombs double LP imported from France and a copy of the new memoir by Dave Dictor of MDC! Also, be sure to read the HUGE round table discussion of Biscuit just printed in the Houston Press, featuring pics, videos, and memories! See here.

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Mango’s No. 21


Batusis, Blower, Zipperneck, and Chelsea Hotel at Mango’s, 2010

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Notsuoh No. 11


Drunken Thunder at Notsuoh, 2001

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Boondocks No. 2


The Born Liars and Black Black Gold at Boondocks

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Sound Exchange No. 10


Born Liars and the Welfare Mothers at Sound Exchange

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