Rudyards No. 61


Poor Dumb Bastards, Screech of Death, Zero Heros, and the Smashed Idols at Rudyard’s

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Continental Club No. 3


True Believers, Continental Club, Houston, circa 2003, by Tim O’Brien

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Fitzgeralds No. 85


The Westbury Squares and Clouded at Fitzgerald’s

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Photograph No. 347


Vivian Pikkles and the Sweetheart Uber Alles at Rudyards, 2011, by David Ensminger

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God’s Reflex 7″


God’s Reflex “Shifting” 7″, Rebound Records, 1998

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Cabaret Voltaire No. 90


Second Wind, Criminal Crew, Mind Gods, and TLB at Cabaret Voltaire!

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Emo’s No. 18


Picasso’s Trigger and Poor Dumb Bastards at Emo’s

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Dig Dug 7″!


Dig Dug, “Seven Inch,” back cover, Rebound Records, 1998

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Axiom No. 136


PED and Mutley Chix at the Axiom

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Harvey’s Club Deluxe No. 3


Chaos UK, Eyehategod, Tread, and Brain Bomb at Harvey’s Club Deluxe

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