Club Safe Parking No. 2

Rondelles, Dig-Dug, Junior Varsity, and Fatal Flying Guilloteens at Club Safe Parking

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  1. hey. who is this? do i know you?

    ive got some old personal art show flyers from way back if you want them email me, i’ll scan the best ones for you..

    that was me & my friend who approached gram & trey about hosting the first art show there.. i know cuz we busted ass cleaning out the big room and painting the wallls white for our show.. haha..

    also hung some art with another friend in the display windows at notsuoh when it was still a speakeasy. also did a runway show for our paintings replete with paparazzi there.. i remeber hanging the show in the big middle of a busy friday or sat nite.. was crazy up on ladders in a crowd, but great ..

    also was one of the first to hang at SHFL…

    i sure miss those days. i just recently asked someone here in my new city about having a rollerdisco art opening and they were all.. meh. WTF. notsuoh & shfl & csp & atomic were always very open to whatever nuts idea you had

    lemme know! bb

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